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Meet Team CHIME

Long Island networking is remarkable. I’ve made lifelong friends and career-changing colleagues over the past seven years (you know who you are 😊). That’s how the CHIME story begins. Effie and I met at Sue Glenn’s Independent Business Women’s Circle (IBWC) monthly meeting this past spring. We found that we were both marketers with talents that compliment each other. We decided to meet at Panera the following week, and I do believe that by the end of that first appointment we were Team CHIME. It all just fell into place.

As marketers, we must remain current. It’s not easy, but I’m sure that’s true of most professions. The problem other small businesses and startups face is that they not only have to keep their skills sharp in their own field, but they also need to know new trends in marketing. That’s not easy; in fact, I’d say it’s often impossible!

So here we are! A dynamic marketing duo. There are many talented marketers on Long Island, and just as many specialties. What's so special about CHIME? We’ve discussed this at length, and here’s our approach.

  • We’ll partner with marketers who have top-notch skills in a specific marketing forte. This will give our clients unsurpassed service without limiting the scope of what we can offer.

  • Analytics will be an important part of our product delivery. Because we’re determined to help small businesses who generally have a small budget, we’ll be sure you’re getting the best value for your marketing investment.

There’s far too much marketing information available to effectively sift through it all. We’ve decided that the best way we can keep up is to divide and conquer. For example…

  • Will the newest Google algorithm change hurt or help my website?

  • Does my brand clearly represent who I am and what my company stands for?

  • Is it worth it to spend time and money on Pinterest?

  • How many videos should be published per month? Per week?

  • Is email marketing still effective?

  • What analytics or KPIs (key performance indicators) should I track?

Team CHIME will stay ahead of the curve through teamwork and collaboration.

You can relax, we’ve got it. In fact, we are unstoppable!

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