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Long Island Marketing Cares About Small Businesses

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

When the COVID-19 pandemic spread dangerously on Long Island, I spent lots of time thinking about what value I could bring to help my neighbors who were suffering from illness and job loss. It's difficult to find volunteer opportunities when you can't come face to face with the people who need help. Sharing food or clothing to those in needs or anything else that required a person-to-person situation was out of the question. I participated in one drive-by food drive, but I really wanted to do more. I know many other Long Islanders felt the same.

My answer came from a networking colleague, Kathy Casale, owner of Sea Star Strategy. I didn't know Kathy well, but I always admired her integrity and I was aware of her participation in fund raising initiatives. Kathy approached a group of Long Island marketers to see if there was interest in forming a group that would provide pro-bono services to small businesses in our area that was impacted by COVID-19. I was honored to be have been asked, and I fittingly felt this is precisely what I've been looking for.

Once we had a core group, we gathered on Zoom to discuss the mission and the logistics of Long Island Marketing Cares (our agreed-upon group name). We decided that we would offer weekly Zoom meetings on marketing topics that would teach small businesses some of the basics that they could handle themselves. We also offered our contact information so that Zoom attendees, or any other Long Island business owners, could reach out to us directly for a few pro-bono hours of one-on-one training and support time. The objective is to help small businesses gain the insights on marketing tasks they need to focus on throughout the pandemic, whether to keep their brand top of mind, fill their funnel, or close sales on their products and services. We are not self-promoting, instead we focus on education and thought leadership topics that will empower small business owners now and in the future.

Yesterday we met to review ideas for our July weekly calendar, and we all agreed it's hard to believe we've already been doing this for nine weeks! We have a weekly group of regulars who attend our meetings, and each week we find a few new or different faces in the Zoom room.

I can't speak for all members, but I am personally extremely proud to be involved in this project, and I thank Kathy for coming forward with this idea. if you feel that Long Island marketing cares can help you, visit our website or our Facebook page, or contact me directly.

Jean Derespina / marketing@teamchime.com / 631-358-4370.

We’re here to help. Hope to see you at an upcoming workshop.

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