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How Well do you Know your Brand’s Personality?

A Marketing Strategy for a New Year with 2020 Vision

Perception is what matters. And once a consumer forms an opinion of your brand and your company culture – whether positive or negative – you’ll have a hard time changing their mind. Team CHIME can’t stress enough how important this is to us. As a very new brand ourselves, we’re making sure everything we write, say, and post represents the true CHIME personality.

You’re invited to take this journey with us. All year we will be sharing information on the components in our Marketing Toolkit. In a somewhat-chronological order (subject to adjustments along the way), our monthly topics will share how to:

  • Define your brand: What specifically identifies you and your business offerings?

  • Determine who you want to connect with: prospects, competitors, influencers, colleagues?

  • Express your talent in a killer website that speaks to your prospect audience.

  • Develop sales and marketing materials that resonate with your audience.

  • Shout it out with strategically targeted marketing campaigns...

  • …which includes social media (but is too huge to bundle with all other marketing channels)

Here’s the Define Your Brand plan for January:

Next Week: The best way to demonstrate your brand is with a clearly defined mission statement, set of goals, and core competencies (also known as your value prop). Don’t only think about what you do, also consider why you do it and what it will mean to your customer. Be sure that everything you develop about your brand mission is directed towards your target audience and is expressed in your brand voice.

Week 3: With your mission and goals in mind, gather as much information as possible about your target audience. This will have a huge impact on brand development, as you'll be sure that everything you develop speaks directly to this persona. We'll dive into this topic in more detail next month, but identifying your ideal prospects early on will affect all of your marketing efforts.

At the End the month, pull clarity around the new knowledge you've developed with a visual image that says it all. You may already have a visual brand, a logo, business cards, and maybe a website, but often solopreneurs or small businesses - even fairly new businesses - need a refresh or a rebranding. Everything you develop for print and digital content must have a consistent look that ties into your awesome logo. Imagine, you can begin February with your very own brand style guide that makes certain everything you do exudes your business image.

Overwhelmed? Please don’t be. This is the fun part (in our opinion) of running a business. And we're here for you. To help you achieve these weekly goals, stay tuned this month for posts on buyer personas and how to develop a style guide. Soon you'll be poised for success, and before you know it, your funnel will be overflowing.

Please feel free to CHIME in. We would love to answer your questions, hear your experience, and share your knowledge.

A Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year to You All!


Effie & Jean

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