Meet Team Chime


There’s an Approach that’s Perfect for Your Business

Solopreneurs struggle to do it all, but what conceivably happens is the solopreneur will spend most of her time on tasks within her comfort zone. If you feel you can’t write well or you don’t see the value of Twitter, let’s talk. CHIME will show you how to have a functioning brand identity with content strategy and visually engaging print and video. Best of all, you’ll have more time to focus on what you do best.

Startups are often working off a business plan, and many are creating it with an exit strategy. To achieve the planned goals, entrepreneurs must allocate time and/or money for marketing. We can back a successful strategy out of your financial plans. In other words, we’ll see how much you must spend to get the number of qualified leads to meet your sales goals. CHIME will develop a digital marketing strategy that achieves your goals.

Non-Profits often have little or no marketing budget. CHIME can help you achieve success with both fundraising and outreach campaigns that will draw donations, recruit volunteers into the organization, and build awareness for those who need your services.

Small Businesses may have a marketing generalist on staff. It’s a critical role, as this employee will be responsible for a wide range of ever-changing small business digital marketing efforts. CHIME has been there, and we can help augment your team with cost-efficient project management and hands-on expertise.